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At the HBS Naturopathic Clinic, we’re committed to using our vast amounts of knowledge as trained naturopaths to significantly improve the overall health of our patients. Through the use of all of our services, we look to treat the person and not the disease. We offer acupuncture services to help alleviate chronic pain and provide a balance to the mind, spirit and body. We also provide nutrition advice, lifestyle counseling and stress management to help you lead a more relaxed life. Set up an initial appointment to explore the services that we perform.

Complete Naturopathic Check-up

  1. Physical examination
  2. Interview
  3. VEGA Test
  • Detecting weak functioning organs
  • Toxin levels
  • Deficiencies (vitamin, mineral, microelements, digestive enzymes)
  • Allergies (food, environmental)
  • Candida (yeast)
4. REBA Test
  • Stress level
  • Immune system evaluation
  • Detecting blocks of energy
  • Related physical and emotional problems
5. Discussing long-term health and wellness plan
  • Nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Treatment plan (supplements, botanicals, homeopathic medications, acupuncture) according to individual needs of the patient

Follow-up Visit

  1. Re-evaluation of symptoms
  2. Establishing further treatment plan based on improvements/changes in treated conditions
  3. Re-testing areas of interest (VEGA/REBA)
  4. Addressing new or acute health issues

Consultation or Acupuncture or Bowen Therapy

  1. Acupuncture or Bowen therapy for specific conditions
  2. Discussion and treatment of acute health problems